Musical Advent Sunday

We accompany you through Advent and get you in the mood for Christmas. On the first, second and third Sundays in Advent, we treat you to a special Advent menu at lunchtime in the festively decorated lakeside pavilion.

The festive setting is enhanced by the piano music of Andreas Svarc. He plays well-known melodies – from Christmas carols to pop songs and smooth jazz pieces.

Born in Prague and now based in Switzerland, Andreas Svarc is an enthusiastic pianist, composer and smooth jazz musician. His music combines classical, jazz and folk and creates a relaxed atmosphere full of cultural diversity. Andreas’ passion for music motivates his students and shapes his unique style.

1st Advent: December 3, 2023 –

2nd Advent: December 10, 2023 – Menu

3rd Advent: December 17, 2023 –

Limited number of seats. Please make a reservation at info@roesslihurden.swiss or 055 416 21 21.