Opening hours & reservations

Monday:            11:30-14:00      18:00-22:00

Tuesday:           11:30-14:00       18:00-22:00

Wednesday:      11:30-14:00       18:00-22:00

Thursday:         11:30-14:00       18:00-22:00

Friday:              11:30-14:00       18:00-22:00

Saturday:          11:30-22:00

Sunday:            11:30-22:00



our culinary delights

Regardless of whether they dine directly on the lake or stop off in the rustic dining room, our guests are always spoiled with fish dishes and regional specialties. The chef pays attention to the season and gets his ingredients directly from the market. Freshly caught from Lake Zurich, whitefish or perch end up on the plate, and the Mediterranean Loup de Mer takes a further route.

For vegetarians, our restaurant prepares classics such as porcini mushroom risotto, while the cuisine is rooted in the region when it comes to “Zürcher Geschnetzeltes”. While in summer passers-by find a wonderful place to take a  breather in the garden restaurant and seaworthy people moor their boat directly at our jetty, autumn hikers like to fortify themselves with deer peppers or deer medallions. When it’s freezing cold, a fondue in the wine cellar warms body and soul. Incidentally, you can also meet friends here for a good drop and taste wines from Zurich’s Gold Coast and Provence to Argentina and New Zealand. Perfect for your next aperitif!

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Time stands still for a moment to enjoy


Where boats used to be parked, elegantly laid tables now welcome our guests today.

The lake pavilion, which was created from a former boathouse, allows a panoramic view of nature and water even in pouring rain and inhospitable temperatures. And the fresh fish also tastes good when the lake is no longer tempting to jump into the cool water! When the mist drifts across the water or the lake lies untouched, the atmosphere is mysteriously beautiful.

When the sun is shining, the chestnut trees on our lakeside terrace provide pleasant shade. Under the snug leaves, those seeking peace and quiet sit right on the shore, listening to the rippling water and watching the sailing boats. When evening falls, the light falls directly onto the lake and illuminates the Wägital mountains.

Ideal for celebrations

The pavilion is particularly suitable for your events from birthdays to company dinners, it is perfect for up to 140 guests. If the weather is nice, we can move your celebration outside
on request.

Make an appointment to discuss your dining requests, we are flexible and will be glad to support you.

Gastwirtschaft zum Rössli

As a traditional fish restaurant, we source freshwater fish exclusively from  Switzerland! Perch, whitefish, pike, burbot, roach and sometimes a large salmon trout are caught and wander into the Rössli kitchen to the delight of lovers.

Rainbow trout, coalfish and char (Röteli), fresh or pickled and smoked, have been cared for and processed by the Reichmuth family in the SZ saddle for more than 30 years.
But we do not despise sea fish and, depending on the season, we offer: sea bass, sea bream, monkfish, cod, turbot, sole, from Europe, always from certified fisheries MSC (sustainable fishing).

Seeterrasse und Seelounge

Enjoy a relaxed meal right by the lake with a beautiful view. There is a lot to discover. The view over the Obersee to Lachen, Altendorf and the Wägital Alps or “our” waterfowl.

The iron sculptor Andreas Reichling from Immensee in the canton of Schwyz created a ring of fire for the lounge. This is ideal for barbecuing, for aperitifs or simply for chilling.

And if you are traveling with your boat on the Obersee, you will find an anchorage with us.


In the middle of the wine cellar we have created a cozy atmosphere for you to taste the best wines with your friends or acquaintances. Tip: Ideal for your aperitif!