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The nature reserve around the Seedamm tempts you to take long walks to discover the area. Waterfowl breed in the reeds, dragonflies circle over the lake. And below the surface, the lake keeps a secret: the pile dwelling settlement from prehistoric times, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just 100 meters from the Rössli Hurden and the chapel.

It is also recommended to stroll over the wooden bridge in the narrowing of the lake to Rapperswil or to head for the Lützenau Island nature reserve and the Ufenau Island by rowing boat.

Directly in front of the Rössli Hurden, swimmers can jump into the water and swim in  the lake. In autumn it is particularly beautiful to hike along the nearby vineyard path and admire the colorful foliage of the trees. In winter, the pure nature, the trees with autumn colors and the lake fascinate with their very own beauty and silence. And in spring you can literally watch the buds and blossoms grow.

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